Why the Invisible Car?

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In July, 2010 while driving to work, I had a random thought – which is normal – I wondered what would happen if an invisible car was on the road in the middle of rush hour. And what would happen if they were hit by another driver? Would anyone realize what happened?? I mean just because a car is invisible doesn’t mean it’s not solid and taking up space.

I laughed at myself as I imagined my personal reaction to hitting something I could not see; seeing my car smashed, spinning around, yet not knowing quite what happened. It would be confusing to say the least. I had more questions pop in my head; what made the car invisible, what kind of driver would it have, they would have to be invisible too right? The driver would have to be the most cautious driver since no one could see them; they would have to anticipate everyone else’s move and lane change.

I mentioned this to a friend who quietly listened, but I could tell thought I was nuts and snickered in amusement at my wandering peculiar working mind. My husband amused me and tried to help me figure out the details, but finally said “it’s just impossible and would never happen…”

I kept thinking about the concept of not seeing this invisible car and how it would safely get from one destination to another. Finally, it hit me – the invisible car concept/anomaly is a metaphor.

Sometimes I feel like an invisible car and sometimes I treat others as if they were an invisible car. Sometimes I anticipate and speculate about the decisions, opinions, reactions, etc. of others that I become invisible allowing everyone to make their move and change lanes without even seeing me since I have put so much energy into getting out of their way.

Sometimes it is easier to act like I don’t see (hear, understand, etc.) others than to acknowledge them. I’m sure other people are good at being invisible as well and I don’t even see them at all. I need to find a balance between staying visible and seeing others, not see through them.

Through random ramblings and observations, this blog is intended to help me, and possibly others, stay visible.

I have a blog at blogger with the same title.


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