Today I focused on reading about dialogue. Wasn’t aware that would be my focus today, but the magazine I picked up was turn to that page; where I left off last week. After reading the words of Elizabeth Sims I realized my first draft is quite ‘wordy’ I am telling a lot more as a narrator than I allow the characters to. Sounds simple, but a key point I obviously have not made a priority.

I believe my first draft is ready like an outline, sure there is dialogue, story line, arc, etc., but not as much dialogue as there should be. And what a difference this is going to make. Not only will dialogue allow me to character build within those interactions, but also describe the setting through their eyes, not mine.

LIGHT BULB moment…I do love these light bulb moments. Like when I read several articles about simply using ‘said’ after a character speaks and not fluffing each line with such ‘said eagerly’…etc. If you use the right dialogue and content then you don’t need to add much more than ‘said’. Anyway, now looking over my draft and focusing on letting the characters tell more of the story including bringing the setting alive is a light bulb moment.  It is so exciting to feel more focused!

Very basic example (to self) –

Instead of “She walked to the screen door, opening it slowly…feeling the cold air take her breath. She bundled her scarf around her mouth to protect her from the wind, allowing her to get to the car and drive to the school….” Use something like

“You better bundle up, the cold is whipping around like a winter tornado.” he said.

“You’re right. I”m so focused on getting to school on time, I almost forgot it’s the dead of winter.” She said

As noted, this is basic, but makes me understand the concept!


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2016 update - Still working on research for my novel, blogging, and writing and updating my author site, resources, etc. Loving working with other writers and researching new information for my site! 2014 - Writer in progress. I'm currently working on the second draft of a novel that I started many years ago. I am becoming more and more of the writer I am meant to be.
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