Yes, it’s 2015; April already actually. I have to say this yet again “it’s been awhile since my last post”. I won’t make this post about excuses or health issues. We all have them. I’m dealing with them and focusing on what I can do, not what I can’t.

SO with that little blurb out of the way I can say I’ve been reading more, learning more, focusing on learning what I need to know to complete the draft of Purified Revenge. I read an article today in Writer’s Digest interviewing Susan Mallery. I enjoyed the entire interview which has so many great tips. One quote that has been echoing in my head is “You need to focus on what you’re bad at, and make that your strength.”

One of my main issues is tense; I tend to go between ‘now, then, did, doing, going, gone, we are, we were’, etc. I have just accepted this is an issue and my weakness. Now, like a light bulb flashing in my face, I realize I can conquer that weakness, not just accept it and work around it.

Recently I have also realized one other ‘weakness’; counting my chicks before they hatch. I get caught up in reading about self publishing, agents, query letters, etc. and I haven’t even finished my novel. Shouldn’t my time spent on researching publishing options actually be used to finish a product to deliver and publish?? It’s like I’m coming up with recipes, canning tips, paying a vendors fee at the local farmer’s market, etc. for crops I haven’t even planted yet. Duh…just write the darn thing.

So here is to another round of focus, writing, commitment, writing more, only reading/researching what will help me finish my novel, writing more yet again, and finishing it this year. FINISH IT. Oh and use my blog more and keep my author site more professional.


About theinvisiblecar

2016 update - Still working on research for my novel, blogging, and writing and updating my author site, resources, etc. Loving working with other writers and researching new information for my site! 2014 - Writer in progress. I'm currently working on the second draft of a novel that I started many years ago. I am becoming more and more of the writer I am meant to be.
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2 Responses to 2015

  1. elleellefuss says:

    Ha! I do the same thing! I do a lot of research on publishing when I haven’t even finished my book yet! Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by all I have to do, so that’s my way of procrastinating!

    • Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one! I feel the same; overwhelmed so I procrastinate. I think that is necessary though, I try to read, or research, or learn. I recall last year reading an article about giving your ‘bad guy’ a reason for being bad…justify it in his own mind. That REALLY helped me build that character, so sometimes procrastinating is a good thing 🙂

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