Even though I have been inspired and had a whirlwind of thoughts about my working novel, I have not worked on it in several weeks. I have been writing though. I am doing some content writing and giving suggestions for a friends’ new dot com. It’s exciting and I love this kind of work. Looking over everything a few dozens times, playing with the layout, wording, content in general. It’s a creative outlet and has a possibility of turning into full work when it flourishes over the next several months.

I have always enjoyed writing that requires me to think and not just day dream. I like the ‘fact checking’ and putting myself in the shoes of members and how outsiders will see it. It’s still new but check out (if you want to join for free, use my ID 8722).

I like a challenge and learning as I write. Having to change something because I didn’t understand the true outcome or the other side of seeing something in a way the developers didn’t and working with them to get the ‘flow’ right. It’s requiring me to learn about aspect of web sites I never imagined I’d even want to know about. I like that.

I like when you think you know what you want or how you want to write and an opportunity presents itself and smacks you right in the face and you like the unexpected inspiration to grow.



About theinvisiblecar

2016 update - Still working on research for my novel, blogging, and writing and updating my author site, resources, etc. Loving working with other writers and researching new information for my site! 2014 - Writer in progress. I'm currently working on the second draft of a novel that I started many years ago. I am becoming more and more of the writer I am meant to be.
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